My Life In June #30

So it's the last daily blog of June. Meh. It's all been a tad meh. I walked the pooch, again. On the beach, again.  And I went shopping. It's pay day and I needed a few trinkets 😀.  Amongst my essential Saver's haul I got myself some hair dye. Quite a lot of hair dye… Continue reading My Life In June #30

My Life In June #29

So after a hectic day at work I came home to a snoring boyfriend and dog. Again. So obviously the house was a tip.  After an hour of hoovering and washing up etc, I decided to spend a lil time on the computer.  I've got it into my head that I'm going to have a… Continue reading My Life In June #29

My Life In June #11 -Lots Of Swears!

So...I opened the letter. It took hours of radio silence for me to get angry enough to do it. I kept checking to see if he'd seen or replied to any messages. He'd seen, but not replied.  Tosser!  He's been given a written warning at work for mouthing off to a client. Dickhead!  Sooooo angry… Continue reading My Life In June #11 -Lots Of Swears!

My Life In June #2

Today I didn't exercise. Again. All week I have been meaning to start week 4 of the Couch to 5K. All week I just haven't had the time - yeah right! I haven't been completely idle however. I have taken advantage of the sunshine on my day off and walked the dog. A lot. Along… Continue reading My Life In June #2

My Life In June #1

So this month I aim to focus daily on how mundane I have let my life become. Maybe it will shame me in to taking a few chances in life. Maybe it will just highlight what I already know - my life is the biggest bore making-est bore of bores! It's all too easy to… Continue reading My Life In June #1

When I grow up I want to be…

I still have no idea! I'm 32 and have bounced from crap job to crap job - to not so crap, but not very fulfilling job. Even thinking back to childhood I don't remember ever having any career goals. Generally children want to become princesses or doctors or mummy's. Nope, not me. Maybe, once upon a… Continue reading When I grow up I want to be…

Judging a notebook by its cover

So it turns out I must be a very fickle person. Since university I have tried to keep a notebook. There've been a few that I have completed, but the majority have quickly been discarded. Some of my favourite notebooks have all been bought from Paperchase, ten pounds or more, embroidered with florals or patchworks… Continue reading Judging a notebook by its cover