Stropping really does work!

So last week was my 33rd birthday, an event that I was not looking forward to! Birthdays, for me, just make me painfully aware that life is whizzing by and I’m just stood here watching. 

But I’m working on that. My mission for August is to get myself back on track. Life. Love. Friends. Work. It’s all become a bit stagnant and it’s time to sort it out. 

I think I’ve started with love. Unintentionally I threw the biggest strip of my life on the day before my birthday. He’d been so absent from the relationship; work always comes first, and so many tiny insignificant things added up to the biggest thing in the world. We weren’t working as we were. 

Long story short, I screamed and shouted at him, we both cried, we hugged, we both promised to try harder and make more of an effort to be together. 

So far it’s been lovely. He’s even hinted at possible ring shopping…it’s been 10 years in December I think it’s about time! 

Copping a strop seems to have worked wonders. If only I’d known sooner! 


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