Tis the season…already! 

So Christmas is just around the corner, apparently. The cards are already in the shops. Home Alone was on tv last week..again! And there's a house down the road that already has its decks up!  Ok, it's just a Father Christmas hanging on for dear life to a window ledge, and I'm fairly sure that… Continue reading Tis the season…already! 


Socially on the mend..sort of 

So this month is whizzing by and I'm  speedily running out of money and motivation. One of my aims for August was to re-connect with friends/make new ones and just get myself back into the real world. Easier said than done though, right?! I've made...some effort. I've been hanging out with the boyfriend a lot… Continue reading Socially on the mend..sort of 

Stropping really does work!

So last week was my 33rd birthday, an event that I was not looking forward to! Birthdays, for me, just make me painfully aware that life is whizzing by and I'm just stood here watching.  But I'm working on that. My mission for August is to get myself back on track. Life. Love. Friends. Work.… Continue reading Stropping really does work!