Other People’s Online Lives..

So another week goes by on social media, and it seems as though everyone on my Facebook friends list has either had a baby, got engaged, or had some other major life event happen to them.

Me? I spent all week working, looking after the dog, and stalking these “friends” online…. It’s my birthday next month and I think I’ve got a serious case of the Bridget Jones’s.

Technically I have a boyfriend (I love him but never bloody see him!) and the dog is a snuggly lil lovey. But I’m seriously lacking in the actual friend department.

Most of my Facebook friends are people I haven’t actually spoken to in years. I guess, like a lot of us, it’s kind of a numbers game; if I delete everyone I don’t give a crap about I’d be left with, like, two people, and one of them would be my mother, sad I know!

My grumble this weekend is the fact that life is happening now and I’m still sat waiting for an invite to my own party! I could plod along forever at a slow and steady pace, but what’s the point of that?

Even the standard drunken selfie has annoyed me this weekend. I am soooo not a selfier, but I can’t remember the last time I had a night out and an opportunity to get shit faced and try and dodge out of a rosy faced, bleery eyed selfie nightmare!

How, though, do people make and hold on to friends in their early thirties, when, to be honest, meeting new people is one of the most uncomfortable things to do in the world?! I’m pretty reserved with people until I’ve known them for at least several decades!

My mission for August io get myself back out in the world. Making new friends, or even re-connecting with old friends would be progress. I can’t put all my eggs in one basket (the boyfriend and the dog being said basket). By the end of the month I will have gone out with other humans and there will be photographic evidence to prove it to the Facebook world!

I think I need to make a to do list! – Always helps to have a plan, don’t you agree? 😁


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