Time to run! 

I met the smuggest woman in the world the other day! To be honest she’s probably a nice enough person, but the 2 minute encounter that I had with her made me want to  punch her repeatedly in her smug mouth! Bit much? Not really!

She’s one of those middle class ladies who donates her middle class clothes to charity after losing many pounds of weight simply by walking her dog. And boy was she smug about that! 

I’ve walked my dog for hours at a time for the last three years. Has it helped me lose weight? No. No it has not. 

She did the whole look me up and down thing that smug, newly skinny people do, and began reeling off the tricks her dog has learnt, and spouting how she still eats what she used to but the weight has just fallen off. Good for you dear! 

But anyway, it’s time, again, for me to pick up the pace with my exercising. My sister was selling her treadmill as she’s just joined her local gym so no longer needs it. I bought it. Hopefully it was £40 well spent. 

It’s pink. It’s worryingly narrow. And I’m fairly sure I’m about 2 stone heavier than the recommended heaviest weight. So far I’ve used it for about a week. I’m only able to jog for 3 minutes at a time, and I’m only run/walking for 10/15 minutes at a time because I’m terrified of burning out the motor! But I’m feeling positive about it. I’ve used a cross trainer on and off for years, but this feels like a more strenuous activity and will hopefully get me fitter faster. 

Then I can be mrs smug and brag about how easily the weight has just dropped off. 


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