Netflix has consumed me! 

So…what do you do when you’re too poor to enjoy a rich and fulfilling existence in the real world? No, not blog about how meh life is, well, yeah that, but that wasn’t what I was thinking.

I’m thinking more about binge watching hours of Netflix movies that you would otherwise never give the time of day. 

This week I have fallen into a romantic comedy/Adam Sandler abyss. Now, don’t get me wrong, some of his movies are actual classics; The Wedding Singer is one of my all time favourite movies. In recent years, however, they haven’t been so wonderful. 

I’m failing to find an explanation as to why I spent most of my free time this weekend watching his shittier offerings, such as, Jack and Jill, and Sandy Wexler. 

Saying that, Just Go With It may be my new favourite movie 😵.

Think it may be time to unsubscribe, step outside, and go get myself a real life 👍🏻. 


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